My Friday Musings

Some days the only text messages I receive on my phone are from the Zumba group I happily and dare say, religiously dance with five days a week. They are not even directed towards me, only some regular forwards, jokes, some promotional jewellery and meditation cum well-being workshop events. At times, I really detach myself from everything that goes around. DO we ever realise the information overload we are sending back into the universe every single minute, all of us 7 billion people? I may have expressed this thought here before and I am doing it yet again. A very random stranger who has become a familiar acquaintance on Instagram texted me the other day urging me to write a bestseller and that I am a genius. These words coming from someone who only knows me from some regular interaction virtually over books, photographs and rants, separated by a physical distance of thousands of miles and oceans between us, humbled me. Happiness comes unexpectedly. Her words made me happy, gave me a reason to feel good about myself. People who are able to transcend over their kindness and personal goodness are the ones who bring real joy in this world. Otherwise, all of us have become so cynical about being happy or even being capable of generating happiness.

Why do we complicate our lives to such varying degrees? I’ve just had a heady realisation of how much more I need to work hard to ace something that has become an obsession for me. It’s difficult to stay motivated for a continuous span of time and I keep flitting between those spans a lot. Speaks something about the distractions railing and caging us, every second of the day.

We, the Mankind, have become cynical. We are jumping up our bones into pushing everything that’s hypothetical into reality. If only we let the Universe provide for everything, let it take care of itself and us, we would stop pinning each other with imaginary darts. I have rediscovered humour as one of the simplest and most effective things that lits up everyone’s day. It brings back sunshine and laughter, like butterflies spreading their magic with each flight. It’s amusing when I get that feeling of enlightenment within a room, a crowd, pages of books, on a street, staring headily at the sea. It’s endless the way our everyday life can surprise us if we give it and ourselves a chance of seeing it as it is. No dissection, no analyses, no criticism. Just pure love for being alive, for breathing, for feeling the way we do. Sometimes I am dazzled by the moments I witness and I wish I could prolong that awesomeness and although it passes by quickly, I bathe in its extended nicety for a long time. This revelation makes it worthwhile to go strong everyday into a world that’s not designed to make everyone feel happy. But that’s fine too. We have Tolstoy and Dylan Thomas and Transtromer to uplift our saggy spirits about finding joy.

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