A Tale of Loss

Years ago, when I first read ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and last week when I re-read it, I realized this one feeling I had even then that no matter who you trust, however trustworthy and kind they seem, you’ll end up getting betrayed and hurt. And, its very true even today. Human nature just hasn’t evolved over time. These characteristics of Anger, Jealousy, Hatred are still pretty much alive and kicking us with their ugly heads more than ever. Dickens knew what he was writing. Us, humans- we’ve set up boundaries for everyone, even ourselves. We won’t cross them even when we know we are wrong, or mistaken or that someone is in distress because of us. We love massaging our petty mindsets about our greatness and our potential when the only thing that should really matter is being a better human being. A better person to our own selves and to others. That would do a big service to the entire mankind than anything ever done. Of course, we are bound to get disappointed with people because we tend to measure and see everyone according to our set notions and ideals of perfection. For this to not happen, developing an attitude of kindness largely helps. Try accommodating people’s whims and eccentricity because they are just how we look at them through our eyes. If we think they are betraying us, yes it’s largely a figment of our own imagination. And Lord, how abundantly are we blessed with a wile imagination! What I always feel through all of this is the loss. Sorrow washes over me and refuses to let me part with the goer’s belongings. Not material but meta-physical. Yes, they reign on in my mind for a long time. It’s absurd to think I would give so much importance to someone so that they eventually affect my life. Yes, despite trying to get a firm hold over my attachments and the greed for human association and feeling loved by all, I fail mostly.

Human life is dreary. However, one thing that helps me get over the chaos life presents is kindness. Be kind to your own self and you shall see the kindness in the world. Yes, it sounds idealistic, and many of us are idealists who live in a seemingly bad world of competitive edge and being better than others surroundings, but this world of kind people is possible. It’s not just an ideal. It’s a way of living life. Let it go. Let things unfold at their pace. Learn to forgive and forget. That’s how meaningful your existence will be. Hold grudges and we hold hot cinders in our heart forever. Who burns? We do. How to avoid being burnt? Simple mantra- Let it go. There are plenty of happy tales untold in the world. They need our voices, happy, excited, gleeful voices. Let’s go unveil them. Or we could sit all day long mourning our losses. I think not. Happiness beckons. Spread the love and cheer. One life, is all we have! Make it remarkable. Amen.


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