Saturday musings

A guy, whom I had not known for long but now is a friend, once said to me, “I want to be like you!” When I heard him say that, I was a little surprised, and maybe out of sheer amusement over his statement, could not react and I did not ask him why he wanted to be like me. Isn’t it funny, how we constantly think of approvals or opinions from people, and even mull over what they think and say about us!

I think of my school friend whom I got in touch with after 10 years, and thought will always now stay in touch, but surprisingly and sadly, that did not happen. We were very enthusiastic about knowing each other and filling the long 10 year gap, so we were very close for four years which also happened to coincide with our graduation years. And, once we were out of college, we also were out of each other’s lives. How much I miss our talks, the pondering over social issues, and the common high enthusiasm we shared over so many things! Initially, I was so angry and could never understand the reasons why our conversations had ceased. I was depressed over how new life had taken over us both and especially, him. Unfortunately, I had always been just surrounded by him. I had no other real, close friends. No one who I could talk with on the same wavelength. I missed his familiar understanding of my thoughts. I could never again gel with any other person with the same confidence. Thankfully, I overcame this depression and emerged with a mature understanding of how the world functions, and how our lives go on.

Today, I have friends, albeit a few, but each one with special traits and my different but strong bond with them. I have long and since learned that people will come in our life and go away. But, they’ll leave their memories, either pleasant or unhappy ones and they’ll teach us things, give us experiences both good and bad, which probably would never have known to us, if we would have not met them. Of course, it’s human nature and our emotions will make every effort to make us long for all those people, but we’ll emerge stronger, and maybe a little wiser.

My friend, Sneha who lives in a different continent once emailed me and signed it off saying, ‘Always be happy and the crazy and witty chick that you are!’ I realized how I always saw myself as a serious person, but others see me differently. And I am so glad they do and they also let me know about it. Keeps me sane. Feels good to be part of such a nice universe!


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