River deep, Mountain high

Not sure if this is an under-statement but so many struggles in human life seem too irrelevant when seen through different tinted shades. In my country right now, there is a huge debate, newspapers filling their columns and eminent writers, public personalities moaning over political judgements and chaos ensuing in society over nationalism and anti-nationalism, sedition and loyalty to the religion major. It’s sickening but true how students, writers, common people feel the brunt of black jacks but the bureaucracy fails to see the many-hued superficialities it lays on its billion citizens.

Do we have to really wade through such deep, murky waters to reach to the bottom of what seemingly is utter trash? How do we fare in the eyes of the world? Perhaps, that we cannot be bothered to worry about since our nation in itself is a great entity that has survived for aeons and shall do so, with all the ancient rooted philosophies deemed oh-so-relevant in 21st century. Correct me if and only if I am wrong to state that free speech is just a word and by constitutional framework which probably will be reworked soon to suit the many modest aspirations of the politicos, doesn’t mean you blabber on university grounds because why does one attend university? Surely, the grand old gurukuls provide all the necessary wisdom to run a country and still be sufficient, self-dependent is the term. My worries not only extend to the fact that I now am wary of public speaking and my guaranteed fundamental liberty than just offering my head any time I speak and write and god forbid, actually offend the moral jurisprudence that is now running the democratic front of this nation.

Of course, I refrain from inciting hate speech or hatred or hate propaganda but I do not and cannot exercise any power over those who do so. The system will take care of them like they are taking such good care of JNU students, public intellectuals who work against the slave-bondages of superstition and oppression and any damn common person, the citizen who shall strive to assert his rightful opinion of dissent over what he thinks is wrong. But can we accord such free will to common people? The layman- does he know his thought doesn’t count because the great messiah is here to think, talk, and enact on his behalf? Alas, he miscalculated that little moment of power and misused the tool that creates potential evil slayers for the benefit and protection of masses. Fear not, O’ unfortunate bearer, more worse is about to come your way. Take peace in the tiny fact that there are smaller wars to fight and victories to claim amongst our own clans and communities before the country’s troublesome present and future gets us fully, naked and abashed. Yes, the river still runs deep and the mountain is insurmountable since it’s too high.


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