Where are the women?

Today after reading this article by Nisha Susan, I am also reading about the murder of Allison Baden-Clay, 43, a Brisbane resident who was killed by her husband in April 2012 and now the court verdict is out wherein he won the appeal against his murder conviction instead being accused of manslaughter. So yes, such judgements get passed not only in India but everywhere in the world. A woman is murdered and all the court does is convicts her husband of manslaughter, not murder. How convenient for the judiciary! The Reeva Steenkamp murder verdict proved how blinded the legal system is! Her cold blooded murderer got away with an ‘accidental self-defence’ argument. He’ll live the rest of his life, alive and doing things while that young woman will lay forgotten. That is what is happening with women! We don’t exist- we don’t matter, unless we speak up. At least a voice is a reminder to the other gender to look around and see that there is another equal gender sharing the world with them.

Sexism is inherent everywhere! We just can’t challenge it because then us women will be labelled as bad feminists. Oh yes, that’s what we live for! Labels, given by the society. It’s a pity we trash Nicki Minaj for speaking up against her detractors or for her to justify her videos while lauding Beyonce. The problem is that we know how to pit two people voicing themselves for the same cause, against each other. More so, when they happen to belong to the same community.

It always amuses me that men’s notion of feminism is so wrong. They think women asserting their rights even when it’s not necessary is feminism. Some of my male friends go ahead and say, India doesn’t need feminism because women have equal opportunities as far as they know. That’s it- AS FAR AS THEY KNOW- and how much is that- the range of a teaspoon! I wish I could pity them, but that won’t serve any cause. The biggest joke is that India is considered to be a land of equal opportunities for women. If we could try to understand what feminism is, we really must start within our homes. Stop being dependent on your mothers, sisters, wives for things like home-cooked food on the dinner table always or finding your misplaced things during early morning office rush because, they are not your chaperones. Drill it guys, in your head! Also get away with the traditional argument of women were made to cater to the family or Kinder, Kuche, Kirche- don’t be a fool and believe your ancestors so much that you can’t place your own judgements in good light.

It’s 2015 and ending in a few weeks time. Where we have Canada’s new PM Justin Trudeau, we also have traditional leaders who scoff at the thought of Hilary Clinton for President and instead putting up with garbage like Trump. We have Boko Haram, or the Khap Panchayat super active in North India, we haven’t been able to give justice to the Badaun girls hung up the tree, or the Khairlanji rape and murder. And before we say one word about these crimes in rural areas and that women in urban are safe, think of Nirbhaya.


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