Days of Destruction?

While testing myself for some administrative exams, I stumbled upon the following statement-
A ‘norm’ is a shared expectation or behaviour that connotes to what is considered culturally desirable and appropriate. If that is indeed the definition then we must introspect our role and responsibilities while blatantly passing negative statements about the Refugees and Refugee Crisis. To blame refugees for the terrorist attacks is one of the most illogical thoughts to creep into our minds. As humans, are we going to ever think rationally regarding grievances of other humans without measuring their nationality or patriotism or religious affinity? When I read about the hateful thoughts accorded to refugees, I am ashamed to be not able to do anything to stop such propaganda circulating in the masses. Do we really want to inch towards another world war? Do people honestly think that a war and extermination of minorities will lead to peace in the world? I know there are people who support the view but shall we as able and sensible humans not take the mandate of promoting brotherhood instead of sharing vile hatred amongst ourselves?

When I read history particularly World War II, and the aftermath, it makes me weep for humanity. But not just that, it makes me realize how the greatest and sanest also wronged and were later repentant for their actions. If everything in the current age is about survival should we not be considering the sociological implications of this hate politics many of the world leaders are propagating? World organisations like UN which were supposed to be taking an active part and leading the efforts to maintain peace and harmony, appear to fail miserably over their helplessness to charge actions whilst of course, rubbing their noses against world leaders. This utter impotency on their part is in fact another indicator of how circumstances akin to WWII are in the making. It’s a shame and pity, the world has not yet been able to stand in solidarity over global issues like world peace, religious freedom and interest of nations. As people, we have failed to develop matured sensibilities over personal choices versus social good. Faith has occupied more than just our lives, its become a lifestyle for many. Science couldn’t eliminate the wrong doings when it was being developed and even today, it seems incapable to vouch for peaceful mutual co-existence without feeling the need of racial/biological supremacy.

All current accounts from Beirut, Baghdad, Syria, Lebanon make me wonder if we ever intended to follow religion for its ideals and virtues of being better humans than massaging our egos over personal clashes of behavioural identities of supremacy. This very notion that has resurfaced in the past couple of years over increasing religious zeal that divides the equal status of people from various minority groups in a co-existing world, has damaged and resown seeds for new agitation. The very fact that certain groups are still excluded from their political, social and economic rights and thus, debarred from any representation whatsoever, is indicative of the vendetta political and class system has been inching towards, silently and more noisily as seen from recent years and events. There’s no more a moral and conscience leadership that will be unafraid to speak up against injustice. If this is how rebellions get initiated after every few decades, then yes, perhaps we do need more rebels with a legitimate cause and not planted conspiracy theories for world leaders to mask upon people. But more bloodshed and violence will do no good as it did with armed conflicts 400 years ago. We live in a dialogue friendly society as opposed to the feudal rule, or so we would like to believe. A war is not the need of the hour. Peace is, it has always been. Or if self-destruction is what we aim for then yes, the end of humanity is near.


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