What is wrong with our country?

My blood boils in anger seeing this massive load of impossible injustice and atrocities committed every waking minute in our country. Are we here just to sit by, comfortably cocooned in our circles; not bothering to look up and beyond social mediums?


William Nagar, Meghalaya


Shakti Mills




What Next?

Exterminating Women?

Why is nobody speaking up against the Badaun rape and murder of the two teenage girls? Because, they were poor, low-caste and girls. They were girls who have no rights to live in this world, they do not deserve to be out on the fields or on the road without being teased, insulted, assaulted and murdered.

WHAT India are we talking about?

This India, in 2014 which is hailed for its ability to churn out engineers, analysts, businessmen, leaders with the potential to change the world, are we truly even looking in the interiors of our nation?

This is an India- Where women are worshipped during a nine day long festival symbolizing power and otherwise denied of their right to existence, during the rest of the year. Where newborn girls are considered to be the harbingers of wealth but are murdered if they decide to take charge of their lives by asserting their right to love and marry a person of their choice regardless of caste, religion or community. Where women can’t work, travel or live without worrying about their safety on the roads at night, where girls have to watch their brothers and the men in their house take all decisions regarding their lives even if they disagree or are unhappy about the same. Where women are denied their right to abortion, right over their body and right to say NO! Where teenage girls are taught to watch their dupattas carefully once they attain adolescence, not talk to boys, not raise their voices, not play sports- we only find a handful of Saina Nehwals or Sania Mirza’s or Mary Kom’s- where are the rest? Where girls are sexually assaulted regardless of being dressed conservatively, cladded from head-to-toe, irrespective of their ages starting from 3 months to 60 year olds.

Does this downright inequality ceases to amuse any right thinking individual? We rely on men to protect us from the evil forces, but what about protection from the evil mindsets that let the law enforcers declare statistics of honour killing yet not taking actions against the perpetrators? Turns out, if one needs vengeance against a man, you should sexually assault his wife and daughters and he’ll be humiliated and destroyed beyond measure. So, a man’s honor lies with his wife and daughters and if you have to destroy a man, you just need to strip his women of their dignity.

HOW much more are we to write and report these crimes, again and again? Are we tired of hearing and reading about these sexual assault cases and that’s why we are turning a blind eye to Badaun and Bareilly? Nobody is spared- not the brave Meghalaya mother of three, nor the William Nagar teenage girl when 16 men fell on her like beasts and mutilated her. This is the appalling reality of poker faced civil society.




“Violence against women does not occur in isolation. As much as we reassess the legal and administrative breakdown, the role of popular culture, of films and media in objectifying women and perpetrating gender prejudices cannot be discounted. When young boys talk about women through their body parts, we overlook it by justifying that boys will be boys; when films tell us that it’s alright to tease women, we accept it as entertainment; when television shows and advertising peddle stereotypes, we do not even question them. Psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar says, “The propagation of the idea of the body as a field of entertainment by the media and entertainment industries is nothing short of a perversion.” (An excerpt from the above article link)

This is the appalling reality of poker faced civil society.

How are we supposed to continue living? In fear; constantly worrying about vacant dark streets on our return from work towards railway stations, eyes looking for potential rapists lurking around alleys, walking quickly with a pepper spray that never provides any safety assurance, praying to whatever gods there are about our safety? HOW?

Character certificates are sold for cheap rates in this brutal world and the inequality of sexes and gender issues harm those living, more than bringing the possible joys of this mortal life.

Che Guevara, in one of his letters to his children, tells them to GROW UP to be good revolutionaries and ‘Always be capable of feeling deeply against any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world.’



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