Things that make me smile!

I sniffed Jasmine fragrance while rummaging through my mother’s beautiful sarees. I took it in and immediately a series of images floated through my mind. Those childhood days when we had lots of flowering plants in our house garden. I called a friend to share this memory and she asked me about the things that make me smile. I kept thinking later and here’s a small list of happiness that I will probably read again in the future and see if the reasons that make me smile have remain unchanged.

A random pleasant memory
Remembering my Dad’s jokes
My mom’s childhood memories she sometimes shares with me
Getting hold of a book when I am not looking for it
A phone call from a long lost friend
My handwritten notes from school/college days
Rereading letters from my uncle and grandpa
Looking at kiddie photographs from my grandpa’s collection
Fresh Flowers while passing through a market
Rereading excerpts from some beloved books
Listening to my young cousin(2 year old) remember and talk to me on the phone
Visiting my Alma mater
Receiving a book from my Dad— Gives me immense Joy!
An early morning walk through Colaba
Late night endless discussions with my Dad
Somebody thanking me
Unexpectedly meeting friends on the street
Visiting my friends in other cities

Happiness is ALL OF THIS! I would urge everyone to write about things that make them happy so that you’ll cherish this beautiful life and forget about life’s little sorrows for some time.


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