Ladies, before we can all start leaning in, we need to stop growing in. (via @Upworthy)

How women deprive themselves of healthy food! Why do they go on to keep fasts for their husbands? This video brings to light the plight of so many women around the world who eat little or nothing to save for their husbands. Do ‘these’ husbands do the same?
Once a professor explained this interesting phenomena of why the Indian women keep fasts for their husbands’ longevity? Or why are the women trained to suppress their hunger since childhood? She said, in earlier times when food was scarce and people had limited means, the women were encouraged to eat less (essentially ‘grow’ a less appetite) so as to be able to stay hungry when natural calamities like drought or floods occurred which resulted in less availability of food and it had to be shared. Since the women were already accustomed and trained to go hungry during the innumerable fasts that they observed since childhood, their ‘share’ could be consumed by the other members of the family.

I felt repulsed then during the conversation and even now when I am writing this and more when I saw this video repeatedly to understand this perception of how men and women differ!

I wonder why Indian women even in today’s times fastidiously observe these ‘so called’ traditional (& cultural) rituals like ‘karva chauth’ for example, and follow them with such religious vigor?


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