Anne of Green Gables & Me!

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?
– L.M.Montgomery

I came across author Lucy Maud Montgomery very late during my reading life.

My quest for a return to childhood innocence was fulfilled by Anne of Green Gables, with her Red hair and her vivid imagination. We shall never be too old to read about Anne and her Green Gables family. I’ve so far read only the first book in the Anne Shirley Series. Hope to read the others soon. Also, wish to visit the Green Gables Farmhouse at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

I procured a lovely 1994 Reader’s Digest Edition with illustrations by Mick Ellison from Butterfly Books exhibition, last year. As much as I want to introduce my younger cousins to Anne, I do not want to part with this beautiful, illustrated edition. It’s always a delight to enjoy a book with a charming front cover and similar pictures inside.

L M Montgomery revived generations before Enid Blyton created her Famous Five and their adventures. I grew up on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series with George and her Kirrin cousins- Anne, Dick & Julian along with Tim at Kirrin Cottage and their countless adventures. Although Anne Shirley’s story is quiet and sans any adventures as such, her clear ideas about her own self as a young girl, are so resonant in headstrong girls of every generation. Mark Twain was her fan! says it all. How often do we look for our life’s reflection in literary creations, and Anne is just who many of us would be! As rightly put in the afterword- For the youngster, Anne is the child we would like to be; for the adult, she is the child we wish we had been.

Befitting to see Anne charm us after a 100 years of her literary existence!


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