Fractions of humanity

I am a little dejected, since quite a few months now. That’s why the blog writing, I guess.
And the reason being- I am utterly clueless as to what Am I doing with my life? After finishing my formal education, at least for time being, I think a Bachelors is all I could really live on for sometime. I am not motivated for a master’s study- too expensive, and seems pointless, as I think more about the future- trying to envisage it- of course, its everything that scares me, to take a higher leap in the unknown.

After working for some years now, I am unsure if this is the path I want to continue for the rest of my life! I cannot talk endlessly about building materials to someone, nor do I like arguing about why glass is not my preferred choice of material to other architects. For a while, I’ve enjoyed some group sessions on Urban renewal and infrastructure happening in mumbai, pedestrian-friendly ventures, but is that all there is to life?
All these panel discussions leave me only wondering about the mass of people they cater to- not necessarily do the under-privileged feature in these. Are Architects only dwelling their brilliant design solutions to a specific class of people in society? I see design competitions announce winners with iconic skyscrapers, urban plans with gated housing proposals, luxury condominiums even while kids in third world countries struggle for a basic school roof over their heads.

Newspapers splash glossy pages of advertising vacation properties or second-homes, supreme manors whereas people in small hamlets await water, electricity and school opportunities for their kids. Why do we have such a disparity as to denying basics to millions while a handful get to live in their billion-dollar Antillas?

And what role do I play in this ensuing battle of architects who design i.e. use their best techniques to improve the living conditions of humanity? None.


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